A great bike for riding. Comes with fenders, rear rack, three speed internal hub, chainguard and an original Brooks saddle. The entire bike folds up for easy transport into vehicles, bike lockers or boats. Tuned up and ready to roll!

Back in the 'olden days', Robin Hood's story made a lot of sense. Rich people are greedy, poor people are oppressed and in need some cash flow for rent, and a bit of food..Robin Hood' s solution...shoot some arrows into the bad guys, steal their money and distribute accordingly. Well communism is available but still has a throne, capitalism is a genetically modified taxation tree (also with a throne), and hermit life is strange and lonely. Hmmmm, why not just ride a bike and make a small but calculated statement, no arrows, just spokes. This is a rare bike, Robin Hood brand, three speed internal Sturmey Archer hub, fenders, chainguard...suited for a small to medium size rider. Tuned up and ready to roll! 

Sturmey Archer three speed gears. Front and rear light system powered off of front hub, rear rat trap, fenders. 53cm frame suited for a small to medium rider. Tuned up and ready to roll!

58cm, 12 speed road bike for sale. Suited for a small to medium size rider. Save that gas money and bus fare. Tuned up and ready to roll!

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