DINGUS is a word my inherited Oma would belt out when she couldn't remember the name of something. Dingus translates to "thing" in Dutch. As she got older and more interested in the next realm, almost everything around her turned into a dingus: chairs, kitchen gizmos, cars, bikes...things. She was a woman who knew where the importance in life was, in people. The many people in her life were always called by their names up until she left us for the kingdom of heaven. The people in her life were never things, and she made sure we knew this.

"Pass me de dingus, you know de dingus!"

I liked the sound of this word and thought it would be a great name for a unique line of salvaged bicycles. Bikes are a great way to view the world around us, slower than a car and faster than a walk, a speed best described as happy-medium. There is no better way to travel than by bicycle, it's healthy, affordable, and really fun. Bikes will always be spiritless things, but the riders who pedal them are much more special, much more than a dingus.

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